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  Taliban claims revenge for "highlyoffensive" U.S. military leaflet

  塔利班声称会对美国军事传单的“严重冒犯”进行报复KABUL, Afghanistan -- A U.S. commander onWednesday apologized for leaflets dropped in Afghanistan that were deemedoffensive to Islam.


  The leaflets dropped Monday night, whichencouraged Afghans to cooperate with security forces, included an image of adog carrying the Taliban flag, said Shah Wali Shahid, the deputy governor ofParwan province. The flag has Islamic verses inscribed on it, and dogs are seenas unclean in much of the Muslim world.


  "Local people are very upset with thisincident, and they want the perpetrators brought to justice," Shahid said,adding that demonstrations were expected across the province.


  Maj. Gen. James Linder apologized,acknowledging in a statement that "the design of the leaflets mistakenlycontained an image highly offensive to both Muslims and the religion ofIslam." He offered his "sincerest apologies for this error."

  詹姆斯·林德少校为此道歉,并在一分申明中承认“传单的设计错误的包含了严重冒犯穆斯林和伊斯兰教的形象。” 他对这一错误表示“最真诚的道歉”。

  Throughout the 16-year Afghan war, U.S.forces have struggled to convince ordinary Afghans to help them defeat theTaliban. Afghanistan is a deeply conservative country, and alleged blasphemyhas sparked riots.


  Seizing upon the opportunity cast the U.S.invasion and ongoing military deployment in Afghanistan as an attack on Islam,a Taliban Twitter account on Wednesday pointed to the leaflet as evidence that,"American invaders are the enemies of our religion."


  "Now you must have realized that theMujahideen (Taliban) are protecting our faith and the country," the tweetsaid.


  Several hours later, a man on a motorcycleblew himself up in front of Bagram Airbase, the largest U.S. military base inAfghanistan, injuring four people, according to local officials. Bagramdistrict chief Abdul Shukor Qudos told CBS News no U.S. forces were killed orinjured in the blast.


  The Taliban quickly claimed responsibility ina statement, saying the attack was retaliation for the leaflets dropped by U.S.forces in Parwan province.


  Wahida Shakar, the spokesperson for theregional government in Parwan, cited the U.S. military's apology and said therewas no public protest "planned" as a response. It was unclear whetherIslamic hardliners in the region, and elsewhere in Afghanistan, would take tothe streets to show their discontent.



  McCalis ? a minute ago

  Ah...well, You know, theTaliban are no different than The Saudis or ISIS... they all have religiouspolice that go around and make sure women don't show their hair or ankles...That we fight for one group over the other makes no sense.

  Be wary when the empire startswith the narrative of our enemies being crazy...even if it's true...which wecan't know...but even if it were, it's true about the entire middle east. Thetaliban do nothing any worse than the Sauds.

  They let stories like thisout, to beat the war drums. Not to educate or inform




  Adingoatemybaby ? 5 minutes ago

  So a leaflet is "highlyoffensive" but a suicide bomb isn't? Hey Taliban, how about respondingwith your own leaflet, or can't you read and write?


  McCalis @Adingoatemybaby ? in a minute

  The point of this story is to anger theAmerican people and to create support for the war. Some guys sat around tableand wondered how to do that, and this is what they came up with.


  McCalis @Adingoatemybaby ? in a minute

  The point of this story is to anger theAmerican people and to create support for the war. Some guys sat around tableand wondered how to do that, and this is what they came up with.


  Roger the Dog ? 7 minutes ago

  Everyone's so easily offended these days.


  ANCHORS AWEIGH ? 20 minutes ago

  Just give Wali Shahid 100 bucks and the"offense" will miraculously go away. The Taliban is upsetover a flyer but these are the same azzholes that pour chemicals on littlegirls faces to punish them for attempting to get an education. Nothinghas changed since my deployment years ago.


  Snowflake_Melter  @ANCHORS AWEIGH ? 18 minutes ago

  I'd rather live in a country full of dogsthan a country full of 7th century throwbacks. Dogs are much more evolved andcivil.


  ptrash13 ? 24 minutes ago

  Time to come home. Anyone with a historybook that can read knows these people love to fight each other and have forcenturies longer then the US has existed and will for centuries long after theUS is gone. It's what they do and no amount of crying on our part will stop it.


  dman6015 ? 33 minutes ago

  Stupidity on the part of some bureaucratsomewhere ends up costing lives in Afghanistan and elsewhere around the world.Haven't they gotten it through their heads yet that Muslims are highly offendedby many things, especially imagery??? Some sensitivity can save a soldier'slife.


  dodiny ? 39 minutes ago

  C'mon - Don't they runthis stuff past anybody first - something so seemingly small from ourperspective can put the efforts to get locals to cooperate way back. it hasbeen said time and time again the only way to solve this thing is to win heartsand minds and let them know we are not fighting islam, we are fighting the extremists.


  NoIvoryTowers ? 42 minutes ago

  if there's a bad situation, the trump adminwill always find a way to make it worse.

  it's not only their collective ignorance,but also their absolute arrogance.



  Fares002 @NoIvoryTowers ? 34 minutes ago

  Since everything bad that happens in theworld is Trump's fault. Let's blame Trump for causing Hurricane Irma whileyou're at it.


  BLüêDEVILDOG:~ ? an hour ago

  Pfft... When aren't they offended?


  NoIvoryTowers  @BLüêDEVILDOG:~ ? 42 minutes ago

  no american troops should be put at worserisk because of trump admin ignorance. sadly, they are, and worse is coming.


  Snowflake_Melter  @NoIvoryTowers ? 22 minutes ago

  You are right. The military needs to bepulled out of throwback country.


  Fares002 @NoIvoryTowers ? 34 minutes ago

  Obama had 8 years to pull them out....


  NJustice4Oil ? an hour ago

  When is President Trump adopting a puppy?

  Every one of our presidents had dogs attheir side.

  "Raghead" sounds like a prettycool name for a puppy.




  HKP2000 @NJustice4Oil ? 7 minutes ago

  Muhammad would be a great name for a WhiteHouse dog


  skibolts @NJustice4Oil ? 12 minutes ago

  James Madison, Andrew Jackson,Martin Van Buren, William Henry Harrison, James Polk, Zachary Taylor, MillardFillmore, Andrew Johnson and William McKinley.

  None had dogs.


  keote_poet  @NJustice4Oil ? 41 minutes ago

  Steve Bannon went astray...


  shimanoracer  @NJustice4Oil ? an hour ago

  He has...BARON


  NoIvoryTowers  @shimanoracer ? 42 minutes ago

  i was going to say tiffany. she might bethe smart one, steering clear.


  fredzach @carlteck ? an hour ago

  Our message needs an adjustment tosomething these people can respect. "Don't make us come back. We willpreemptively defend our right to exist on earth by bringing the battle to youat anytime of our choosing. Keep your nose clean or beprepared for for Afghanistan and Pakistan to belong to India."


  Patriot464 @carlteck ? an hour ago

  Afghanistan has been a sanctuary forRadical Islamic Terrorists for ages, even before Bush!


  carlteck @Patriot464 ? an hour ago

  Oh, so THAT'S why Bush invaded them, is it?

  Or, are you just off-topic, again?



  keote_poet @Patriot464 ? an hour ago

  and before Bush these 'Radical IslamicTerrorists' were considered friends when they were fighting against the USSR..heck, even Rumsfield was shaking hands withthem!.. friends-enemy-friends-enemy.. around the merry-go-round we go.


  Tonynbc ? 2 hours ago

  They burn our flag, it's free speech.We burn their Koran, it's a hate crime.


  crunch83  @Tonynbc ? an hour ago

  You've got the right to burn whateveryou want. No doubt they hate us though


  A Rational American ? 2 hours ago

  "which encouraged Afghans tocooperate with security forces, included an image of a dog carrying the Talibanflag"

  How horrible. Democrats will hate theirgovernment for that too. Cooperation with American Security Forces...and a dogdesecrating a Taliban terrorist flag, Oh My!

  "Seizing upon the opportunity castthe U.S. invasion and ongoing military deployment in Afghanistan as an attackon Islam...

  ...See BS wrote their leftist article.





  Hans521 ? 2 hours ago

  Is there ANYTHING that isn't offensive tosome people? What's the problem here? Muslims say that dogs are"unclean" and offensive, okay, check! Muslims also say that theTaliban twists Islamic teachings and doesn't represent most Muslims and is therefor also offensive, check! Therefor, showing an"offensive filthy" dog with an offensive filthy Taliban flag seemsreasonable. The Taliban murders, mutilates, and destroys libraries and culturalmonuments. Absolutely nuts.


  eteamer @filobeddo ? an hour ago

  This is why military deployments should bepermanent. Do we really want people like this in our country?


  keote_poet @filobeddo ? 2 hours ago

  These people weren't involved in the 9/11attacks.. but we attacked their country anyways, with the same attitude asyours.. we've been there how long now? and what are we doing there? Fightingfor 'our freedoms'?

  Perhaps people like you need to build that'wall', build it all the way up the East coast.. then your nearly complete, getback on a million boats named the Titanic, and go back to Europe.. Where youall come from...If you sink, oh well.. sharkfood.



  cometrecovery ? 3 hours ago

  And people wonder why they hate the US.When is the military going to realize that all Muslims are not IS. This is thekind of dehumanizing that goes on in war. What a sad situation. This war willnever end unless they figure out how to target the enemy and not the Muslimfaith. They are two different things even if the enemy claims that they arefaithful to Islam. It's a big lie just like a lot of the lies we see here inour own country. Some people are so blinded by hate they cannot think straight.


  FlippinHippie  @cometrecovery ? 3 hours ago

  Don't believe ANYTHING that comes from the government,the military, or religion. They all have an agenda that runs counter to commonsense.


  Smokey484 @FlippinHippie ? 2 hours ago



  McCalis ? 3 hours ago

  So let's see... we got Syria, then the bigwar in Yemen, and then Afghanistan at the same time... We have just filled thewhole frigging globe with weapons..We sold Saudi Arabia record amounts ofexplosives...which they used to expand their wars against Qatar... and we havere-armed the Kurds and our moderate terrorists....aaaaand next we shall armSouth Korea to the teeth...and I dunno... You folks okay with invadingVenezuela?,

  Is there any little corner of the earth wehave not invaded? Trump...you said "no more stupid wars" ...and thenyou betrayed us.

  They got you in some office and youlistened, and they convinced you that war was the greatest thing onearth....and now you are acting no differently than any Democrat or Republican.

  Donald, there are no secrets that you havebeen told that makes war fun. Thse are not "smart wars". You're aPentagon Patsy, Donald.





  Smokey484 @McCalis ? 2 hours ago

  You forgot the part where we are Japan tothe teeth. Give Trump a break. Our Presidents are nothing but temporaryemployees. I truly wonder if Trump chose the Generals, or the Military justshowed up one day and explained how things REALLY work.

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